New Mom Training?

I must admit getting up this early is kind of nice. Not only is there coffee already made, but it is quiet. It is quiet outside, and the baby is quiet unlike in the evenings. Where everything is horrible and he is starving to death, as if he doesn’t suck the life force out of me every couple of hours. Yesterday at 10:42 pm marked his being his own sentient being for 3 weeks. So that’s exciting! I wish there were words to describe the moment when he was first plopped on my chest. The smell as well of him when he came out did something to my brain and made me happier than I think I have ever felt in my life so far. Despite the lack of good sleep and being just as scatter brained as I was when I was pregnant, I wouldn’t give any of this up. Says the person that at one point in their life didn’t want anything to do with babies at all. Who now has one, and fish and a cat… How did I ever not give instincts the credit they deserve?