Our Circus, Our Mutated Monkeys

Today was a fairly good day. Relaxing, I got some knitting done. we all sat down and watched a movie that we had been wanting to see for a while. Then I got to thinking as I was getting ready to go to bed.
When greed of material things, like money and fossil fuel make one feel it is acceptable to murder others, there is a major problem. The ones who think this murder is okay, should be ‘let go’.

When negative feelings and actions are pushed onto others due to a religious doctrine that survives on personal translation, rather than the straight forward translation. There is a major problem.
When ones perception of others, all over the planet, are derived from one news sources words and nuances. That is a major problem.
When one is more concerned with the lives of complete strangers being the way the one wants them to be, instead of the complete strangers being happy and healthy; having enough. That is a major problem.

The only way to kill the beast within is to starve it.

There haven’t been many posts to this page lately. Finding the words to express myself is proving extremely difficult. Now more than ever. I’ve also got many projects going and a day job, as well as a little one. I don’t much check my email for this blog, although I should.

I will be back to talk to you all again once I get more thoughts put into words.