I’m Disappointed

I would not describe what I am feeling as anger. I would describe it as disappointment. I am disappointed in those who dismissed the hate, sexism, racism and extreme narcissism to elect someone who is “Strong Minded” and “Says what he means”. I am disappointed in those who believe everything the news broadcasts without any question. I am disappointed in those who want “Good old fashioned family values” (From the 1950s). I’m disappointed that there are people in this “Free” country who feel a woman president would be worse than my sons and my life being in danger due to our skin tone alone. I am extremely disappointed in all of you who believe your shit does not stink. Are you that jaded? Did you pay any attention in school? Maybe you have no compassion and believe “Every man for himself”. Maybe you are your antichrist. I do not know what is wrong with you, but I do hope it gets fixed soon.

People close to me have already been verbally abused in public. It’s not too soon before that becomes life threateningly physical. Trump is not a license to hate, and the whole world is laughing at us. The whole world is ashamed of us. The whole world is afraid of stupid people in large groups, Which this country has proven itself to be nothing short of.

America I am disappointed in you. I hoped too hard that you knew better.


Willful Ignorance

In this great age of information and how connected everyone is to one another, fact checking has become a must. Why is it that so many intelligent people choose not to? Since we’ve gone from books to radio; to radio and television; to television and the internet pre-fact checking has gone out the window. Not only can one not blindly believe everything they see on the internet, but one cannot trust everything they see on television either. Due to the fact they get a large portion of their stories from the internet just as we who use computers do. I know there are people who only watch Fox News and blindly take everything those orange conservative robots say as the absolute truth. I would say that those who only watch Fox News are saddening but then I remember that their generation is dying out and once they do things will get better. Maybe they’ve forgotten what it was like when they were our age and they wanted change to. When they wanted things to get better, maybe they have forgotten.  If old age really sets you into habits that hard, that resistance is possible, the road ahead is going to be rockier than the majority of us had hoped.

This was going to be an angry rant, but I cannot be so towards the person that inspired this post. They are only doing what they know to be right, whether it helps them or not. I can only hope that the results of the election in November 2016 help them to see that the old way will only repeat history and solidify what the rest of the humans on Planet Earth believe of us (The United States), deeper into stone. Not only would that be a devastating blow to the generations before us who became hardcore conservative creatures of habit, but that will be what causes our extremely messed up country full of prideful asshats to bring the movie ‘Idiocracy’ to fruition. Don’t get me wrong that was a really good movie, but it is only good as fiction. Did you hear me people?

“’Idiocracy’ is only good as fiction”

Okay, now that I’ve got that out I feel a million times better. The point I am trying to make while containing the fury that I don’t have is that no one can believe everything anyone says without fact checking, and if you do I pity you for allowing yourself to be willfully ignorant.