I’m learning

I am learning how unwell humans actually are. How unwell we make the world around us. One could even call us a disease. I am learning about how things I was taught were normal are unnatural. Time, Money, Politics… and a slew of other things deemed normal in the society many of us live in, that are actually not normal.

Time- humans created time. Hours, minutes, seconds, days, months, years, centuries. No other creature on this planet uses this type of time. Entities with no physical body don’t even use this construct.

Money- money and its value. Everything we need to survive and live comfortable is offered by the earth for free. So why do we pay for it instead of trade for it. Everyone on this earth is able to create something, or do something that some one else needs done.  I myself like to learn how to make things people need, like clothing, soap, medicinal herbal remedies, growing food (gardening). My husband does too.

Politics- The wealthy elite controlling aspects of strangers lives they have no business having that deep of a hand in. Everyone is perfectly capable of making moral and ethical decisions for themselves if\when given the chance and all of the truth to them.

I also learned this tip bit today. http://www.africanamerica.org/topic/menstruation-is-not-normal

Only domesticated or captive(enslaved) mammals have periods.

There is much more food for thought. it all comes with patience.


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