Thursday morning thoughts on Physical Growth

The summer after I turned eight, my family had just moved from Florida to Montana. I am half of African decent from my fathers side. I had my first period. Of course I had no idea what was happening, My mother would’ve never have thought I would have it that soon.  I thought I had maybe rubbed some skin raw, because I had felt chaffing before. Although before that, I had already developed breasts. I’m sure other kids in my grade thought I was held back… But I wasn’t. By this time I was already wearing bras and not the training bras. I had skipped those pretty much over night.  I was wearing supporting bras, without the wire as I didn’t need the wire yet.

This is part of my late night ramblings.

I got to thinking, why are African, Hispanic, Asian and “Middle Eastern” descendant people considered abnormal in the United States?  Why do we still call ourselves a melting pot. When a CHILD of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Hispanic descent are considered and adult based on their appearance rather than their mental age, I feel as though that is  a problem, That Can Be Addressed. No one is put out by being educated  for free. When a child is forced to mature mentally faster than other children based on their physical appearance, that causes problems in whatever society they live in. Every child should be able to experience a childhood, fully, disregarding their physical appearance. Without their physical maturity being an issue as to what they are doing at the time.

I’ve noticed, with my experience, that people who mature physically faster than others of the same age group. That there is so much unwanted, unwarranted attention. None of us are trying to get married when we are twelve, none of us are trying to get treated as adults before our teens (at least not to my knowledge).

All I know is that these norms of how a human should grow should be based off of their family history, not by societal norms. I could’ve gone without knowing I was the only one (along with my best friend at the time) wearing a bra at the time. I could’ve gone with out that. I may have been even been more secure in my humanism at the time.

Who knows, I may have started a diary before now. Or a journal, just to be gender neutral.


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