America, guns, violence, Muslim, Christian, terrorism…

Sitting in an arm chair at 38 weeks pregnant watching people be murdered,  watching people care more about a hunk of steel than a human life, watching people kill people for no reason (for there is never a reason) and blame a totally different group of people. Makes me wonder if maybe R.E.M. was right. It is the end of the world as we know it, and I do feel fine. Then again maybe I don’t feel fine, maybe I feel sick. I know everyone else watching the violence and hateful rhetorics unfold, those who lost someone to senseless violence, those who can look at disaster and still see glimmer of light, know that blaming a group of people and not acting to prevent violence does nothing.

Sitting in an arm chair at 38 weeks pregnant with my family around me wondering what,  if anything in particular, makes people think karma and mother nature won’t make the world the way it needs to be… everyone/everything is here until nature says “no longer”. We need not take any matters into our own hands. By our circadian rhythm is how we live in peace.

Sitting in am arm chair at 38 weeks pregnant waiting for this child to want out of me, thinking maybe the world will fix itself. Until that day everyone unclenches their buttcheaks and calms their tatas, well just have to keep fighting with one another and reminding ourselves to live and let live. 


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