My hate fire tank is over-filled…

I’ve still got a long way to go in this life I’m living. That doesn’t stop the fueling of my hate fire when I see and hear other beings that inhabit this world. Narcissists want power over those they deem unworthy. Sadists are making excuses, pinning the blame on their victims, for the horrible acts committed by them. Some humans are still having a difficult time grasping  the “Love Thy Neighbor” concept. It is freaking unexplained how I have not spontaneously combusted yet. Common sense and moral guidance are becoming sparse. This planet has been gracious enough not to implode what with all of the tomfoolery taking place on its surface. Why is the news filled with discommodious jackanapes? Asshats with a death wish are running rampant with no supervision until it is too late. I would rather live in peace amongst all the other humans and run the risk of pillaging by extraterrestrial beings than worry about being murdered by one of my own kind. My hate fire could not grow larger, it could not burn hotter, I can almost not contain it.


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