Damn it, now I’m pissed. Great way to start the day right?

So this morning while I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a post someone had shared of some one ranting about the minimum wage being raised. This person ranting made it about the military, isn’t that nice. So it got me thinking “Why do you have to turn wage arguments around to be about the military?!”

Why don’t we just raise the military personnel’s salaries? They’ve been trying to get that done for years, everyone is in support of it except for the rich white republicans who want starving needy soldiers to fight wars that put more money in republican pockets rather than help the people, like the republicans promised it would.

(‘warlock’: root meaning: before 900; Middle English warloghe, -lach, Old English wǣrloga oathbreaker, devil, equivalent to wǣr covenant + -loga betrayer (derivative of lēogan to lie), ‘Republicans’: I don’t see a difference in definition.)

This person ranting also said that minimum wage jobs were created to teach high school kids about the work force. If they are to teach high school kids about the work for we should rise up and destroy the work force and build a new one, because this one sucks. We are devalued everyday. Even if we have a smile on our face and are completely polite. Most of our rules protect the customer, “the customer is always right” and restrict us “If your are on the clock and a customer says or does something sexually harassing you cannot do anything outside the company about it because you were a part of the company (not your own person) at the time of said incident.”, “The customer is always right, even though they are usually wrong and total wildebeests in their problematic fury. You must remain nice and take all their shit no matter how degrading it is.”


This is her rant, we will call her Jen. I would like to point out that not only does she want minimum wage to stay low, she does not want military personal to have higher wages. Is it me or does she seem a bit classist? Classless?  Why doesn’t she want to fight the government to raise military personnel’s salaries?

No, Jen they aren’t saying they deserve as much as, they are saying they deserve more than they’ve got. Government workers and Military personnel deserve more than they’ve got too, but you seem oddly comfortable leaving those salaries right where they are. Honestly we don’t have minimum skills, we have skills no one is looking for. No one will train us because they want us to have the skills they want to train us in. Most higher wage employers are also looking for people in older age groups.

You obviously do not know of the situations of these minimum wage workers. They could be currently in school ( if you think minimum wage is going to  pay for upfront college expenses you need to recheck your numbers), they could have a learning disability, they could be eligible for loans or scholarships to afford to go to college, they already have a few children and no one is helping them out, this could be a second or third job, they could not be up to par for what the military wants, Oh! and the high school kids no one else is giving a chance because they need experience to get experience, they could be skilled in something that no one is looking for.  Miss lady, not all minimum wage jobs are fast food as well, don’t forget about retail, those people that kiss your ass and tell you those pants look fabulous on you when really you’re fucking hippopotamus, don’t forget about the gas station attendants who already know how cold it is outside, because they were there all night while it was dropping to twenty below zero, don’t forget the waiters/waitresses and bartenders who don’t want to hear about your day or have you hit on them, have you tell them how busy it is, or order something only to change the entire plate. (and if you chose a sit down restaurant you had better not be in a fucking hurry.)

I worked with someone in fast food who literally had a masters, I worked with an armorer, I worked with a bunch of people in college, I worked with high school kids who were so fucking busy with class work and extra curricular they could only work nights on the weekends, I worked with people trying to support their children because everyone else gave up on them. Fast food jobs are also the only ones who will hire if you just got out of jail for something minor (like being in the wrong place at the wrong time), I’ve worked with pregnant women who were just trying to save up enough to pay hospital expenses.

Miss lady, you are so ignorant. Honestly from your rant you’re proud to know how to type. Please educate yourself on the lives of those kissing your ass because you’re a customer. Please join the people fighting to raise the salaries of military personnel, please don’t devalue workers, please work out of your internalized classism, please don’t be part of the problem.

Next, why don’t you make your argument about raising the salaries of those risking their lives so you may have your opinion? As classist as it is. But maybe that’s why? Nobody is fighting to raise their wages. Republicans are voting for their own pay raises that they don’t deserve. Where is your voice then? Do you really even value military personnel? Why aren’t you pissed that the government controls whether or not military personnel get paid in any given month? It should just be automatic, right? Where were you when congress was at a stand still in determining wages for military personnel? If they hadn’t decided anything in the allotted amount of time, my dad wouldn’t have been paid that month and we would have been running on fumes.

I’m more pissed about the CEO’s and all the millionaires in congress who sit around all day with their hand lotion denying military personnel, law enforcement, and educators the wages and benefits they deserve.

I digress, because I just realized my opinion doesn’t matter as much as hers, because I’m not full on white. I just realized Jen doesn’t value my parents service, (they are both veterans by the way as are many of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents). The majority of the government doesn’t care about veterans. The VA treats them atrociously, my mother can attest to that. The majority of the government doesn’t care about anyone who doesn’t single handedly fund every nonsense shit storm they write up (war, election, making corporations file taxes as individuals).  Pay attention America, the majority of the government doesn’t care about you unless you sell them your soul and all of your rights as a human being, then blindly follow whatever they say.

This lady is entitled to her opinion, regardless of how classist it is. I am also entitled to my opinion. As are all the other human beings on the damn planet. Opinions are not meant to control a group of people, but rather the individual the opinion comes from.

I still want to punch this lady in the throat though. Not in front of her kid, I need to keep a little decency.


Citation: Warlock definition from dictionary.com


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