Was the NAACP the target of a Colorado bomb attack? The FBI won’t say


An explosion near the NAACP offices of Colorado Springs, Co. on Tuesday was strong enough to knock several items off the wall, the chapter’s president told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

The bomb, detonated against the wall of a building housing the civil-rights organization’s office, could have done more damage had it actually gone as planned. The FBI said that the “improvised explosive device” was detonated close to a can of gas, but that the can did not ignite in the explosion.

But officials have yet to determine whether the NAACP was the target of the explosion.

“We don’t know what it was, don’t know if it was directed at us. Of course, I doubt anyone was targeting Mr. G’s hair studio,” an NAACP employee told USA Today on the scene, referring to the hair salon located on the other end of the building.

The FBI is looking for a suspect…

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