So the past few days tumblr has been under attack by 4Chan, 8Chan, 9gag, reddit, all because these four groups of people are not human. They prey on the week. They have no regard for human life. They are trying to push people to suicide and get tumblr shut down. They are doing this all for kicks. I know not all of them. I know that because there is a bit of light in every dark corner. These people, if I can even call them that anymore, no longer deserve to be treated as such. They are the sexists, the racists, the rapists, the misogynists, the mysandrists, they are murderers. They are the supremacists, they are everything wrong with societies, and the human race in all of its glory.

I am so furious, and appalled. I do believe if they are face to face with anyone, they wouldn’t be able to take their own shit. I am so prepared to give it to them. I’m just waiting for them to rear their despicable, outright nauseous, heads to me.

So many people are suffering. And for no reason, other than some sick fucks have a fetish. How do people even get this disgusting? There is no way a person could shove their head that far up their ass.

Do these imps know how short their dirty time is now?
I don’t think so.


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