I been working, I been working…

Okay, not really but I have been trying to get back into the flow of things with Capybara Paranormal. I went on kind of a ‘let the queue do the work while I deal with some emotions that had the audacity to creep up on me’ hiatus. Since that started I started a couple more side projects, like Tobin Peace, and have literally done nothing of substance with them. So I’m standing at my computer, because it’s on a laptop arm attached to, not a desk, and I don’t have any stools tall enough to sit at it comfortably.

So I’m standing here trying to put together a post for my other blog and I keep looking over to see the project I have for this one, and the note to get something done for the other one, and remembering what exactly I wanted to do for this one. Then, realizing I still need to draw characters for my project and learn my animation software. Which puts me back because I am trying to keep both blogs updated in some kind of way, regularly, and I’m not actually getting anything done. Then I see some news stories or life updates from friends and family that upset me gravely, or get me thinking about my life and send me into a tizzy, and I spiral down, crawl into bed for a week and end up on hiatus…

Not to mention life happens, like school and my girlfriend, and realizing how miserable I feel sometimes that I get the life force sucked from my body when I go into a public place. which is what happened the other day. My girlfriend and I went to the mall and everyone and their great aunt sally was there, just standing and existing in that space with all of their body heat and perfume. Ugh.

I honestly don’t remember what this post was supposed to be about. I guess just a life update. So that’s totally what I do on Tobin Peace, update my life (Sad smile I wish). Well it was nice spouting at O’dark thirty. Toodloo until next time. Hopefully I have something more of sustenance for you.


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