A Biracial Baby

Thinking back on my experiences with interacting with people on this planet, I never really fit in anywhere. At least I don’t feel as though I do. Being half and half like I am, I will never get to experience being one race fully.

Do not treat me like I am ‘black’.

Do not treat me like I am ‘white’.

I am both, I will always be both. This struggle is really happening, every day of my life.

Do not call me ‘white’, do not call me ‘black’. I will tell you, I generally identify as ‘black’ because it is noticeable. Not because I fit stereotypes, not because I want people to treat me like less than a white person, but because the forms say I can only pick one. they don’t always have a. ‘other’ option or ‘two or more races’. Now not everyone treats me like I should be a stereotypical ‘black’ girl or ‘white’ girl, just those who don’t realize race is just a social construct created to separate humans. Just those few who feel like stereotypes are an appropriate way to approach someone. Everyone else is cool.

I cannot show you ‘black dancing’ because there is no such thing.

I cannot  help you dress ‘black’

I cannot help you ‘act black’

I cannot cook you ‘black’ food (unless you mean food coloring, then I totally can)

I cannot be your racism insurance.

If you have to ask if what you’re about to say or do is appropriate, it most likely is not.

I am a human being with likes and hobbies, dislikes and things I do not do.

Do not ask me why I don’t listen to hip/hop and rap

Do not ask me why I am not wearing Apple Bottom jeans

Do not ask me why I’m not wearing a cardigan or cowboy boots

Do not tell me I talk “white”, just talk to me like a freaking human being

Annunciation is not a ‘white’ thing

I am knowledgeable about myself

I do not know all black people, I do not know all white people

I do not like chitlins, I do not like sauerkraut

I do like collard greens, I do like mayonnaise

Stereotypes are for the ignorant. Those who are not willing to learn a person, but rather more willing to learn a peoples off of assumptions based around one person.

If you have questions about ‘white’ people, or ‘black’ people, ask one. Not me.

I am not ‘the best of both worlds’, that needs to stop! Just stop thinking that. You are not the best one world, How am I the best of two different worlds?

It seems people think being stereotypically ‘white’ or ‘black’ is genetic, inherent. It is in fact learned, just like prejudice, racism, sexism, hate, fear, bigotry, misogyny, entitlement, rape. All of these things are learned.

I am a totally different world. Not ‘black’ or ‘white’

I am Robin, I am a homo-romantic asexual female. Feminist, humanist, blogger, artist, writer. The golden rule of EVERY belief system is my life “First do no harm, Do as ye will”, “In that it harms no one, Do as you will”, “Love thy Neighbor” and all of the other ones that say the exact same thing.

Anyone who says “Oh, you don’t follow my religion like I do, I don’t have to like you”, I have something to say to you “Your religion never gives you reason to hate someone. You do.”

Anyone who says “Oh, you don’t look like me, I don’t have to treat you the way I want to be treated”, I have something to say to you too “I treat people the way I want to be treated unless they treat me the way they want to be treated first. Then I treat them the way they treated me.”

To The World: keep up the racism, sexism, inequality, inhuman behavior, misogyny, bullying, and murder. We will all be gone before you know it. I’m cool with being wiped off the planet, because I will be taking you with me. If you wish things to be great, do not try to erase the past, do not try to rewrite it, but rather learn from it and make yourself nicer, less ignorant, more accepting of those around you.

Do not treat me like a stereotype and I in turn will not treat you like a stereotype. We are all human, on the planet Earth. We are all on the same boat, different parts of the boat, but the same boat none the less. If you rock the boat we all drown, there is no flotation device to save you from life.


2 thoughts on “A Biracial Baby

  1. Stop worrying about what other people might think and simply go out and enjoy the world. When you are 90 on and on your deathbed, are these the thoughts you want to remember?

    Note, I’m bi-racial myself. (Half Middle-eastern and half-white.)


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    1. I do go out and enjoy life when I’m not ridden with anxiety, but I must say it is annoying when people assume I am acertain way because my dad is black or my mom is white. I’m just thinking what does that have to do with my individual person? I’ve honestly just been holding it in for so long, because I’ve never felt like anyone wanted to listen to me.

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