How to boost your confidence in yourself.

From someone who suffers from lack there of almost constantly.
1. Look in the mirror. I don’t care what mirror and say to yourself, ” Today is a good day. I can make this day wonderful and spread joy with my presence. I am a beautiful person.”
2. Whenever you think negatively about yourself, force a positive thought in there, about yourself, until the negative thoughts stop.

If you are going to an interview or school, or a performance, always be nice to yourself. If no one else is at least you will. That is where true happiness starts. With yourself. Not material things, not others opinions of you, not where you’re from, not where you are going, but with you.

It’s not complicated, it may be difficult at first. You may feel discouraged, with how society wants you to “fit into” unattainable standards. How people will feel you should change to fit their idea of perfect or normal. Happiness does not stem from changing yourself for others, it does not stem from living within someone else’s idea of perfect.


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