Belated introduction

My name is Robin. I am woman of color, a feminist, and homo romantic asexual. I blog about equality, feminism, racism, sexism, and the supernatural and paranormal. I just realized I never formally introduced myself. I stand for all inclusive equality, focusing on each individual issue until it’s done forever. I never want to cover everything with one umbrella. That would just make tensions rise.
I cannot believe in a nation stolen by runaway religious extremists, not everyone is viewed equally and valued the same way. I mean they only wanted a place where they can ruin everything they touch. ( life, relationships, women, themselves, peace…)
Really I should say I’m a mad biracial female ( identifying) human being, who doesn’t feel sexual attraction. I believe in the person, not their skin, ethnicity, upbringing, orientation, sexuality, non sexuality, beliefs. I believe women are equal to men. I believe trans people are who they say they are. I believe love is love and not that of a book written by jack assess two thousand years ago. Who wants to follow a religion written by animals anyway? I don’t. I believe if a disabled person wants to do something, the rest of us better fucking figure out a way to make it happen and be fucking grateful they even want to be around our ungrateful assess. I believe that instead of drugging a person with mental disabilities, or things like ADHD, we figure out a fucking way to work with it. Don’t be that lazy person that doesn’t know how to relax themselves and says ” I can’t handle you!! Take these drugs so I don’t have to try.”
Doing they says you don’t love or care about them. That and drug companies are out for profit, they don’t care about your well being. I believe that if you don’t help someone out, or at least try, you should not expect people to help out try to help you. I believe that if you can’t laugh at yourself, don’t laugh at anyone else. I believe that if you don’t find something wrong with today, you are going to be lying to yourself the rest of your life. I believe that if you are so caught up in the ‘American dream’ you have forgotten where you are, or you think you’re on mars.
Hey… Hey you… We’re down here on planet Earth. Yeah stop being simply unaware, it makes you look simple and layman. Stupid and ignorant to say the least.
It’s strange how we can run with an idea, when we don’t have to think about what it really does. We are so self centered, one would imagine we’d think more about our self image before discriminating and just being awful to one another. Who wants to be demonized? I don’t.
So to all of this I say, good morning, and I will be back. I always come back. Unless I get killed for having an opinion. You know so many people are comfortable being rude on the internet. Weird.


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