Nothing you have is yours…

I have seen the comments by racist white people telling black people to go back to Africa. In light of the great discussion this country needs to have about racism, many whites are feeling particularly uncomfortable and becoming defensive of the home they stole to the people they kidnapped. They tell them ” if you don’t like it, go back to Africa”
Well, you know what!? “If you don’t like us, you should go back in time and sink the mayflower.” It would save us much grief, save Native Americans much grief; and hey! You won’t be persecuted for your religious beliefs. Destroying everyone and everything around you because you don’t want anyone to have it because it’s not exclusively for you. Selfish, greedy, oppressive, is what you are.
This is particularly irritating, seeing as how everyone just wants peace… But everyone wants peace without the other, so no one is at peace and everyone is working together to make hell on earth. Man!… Humans really are the smartest beings on the planet. We’re just destroying one another and everything around us for nothing. For those few who cannot share, have no reasoning skills, no ethics, no morals, false entitlement, selfishness, greed and pride pulsing through their veins. All of this being pumped by hearts of black ice.
Keep dreaming of a place where you can shit where you eat, without negative effect on your health. Keep dreaming of a place where you don’t feel so inclined to drag others against their will into your problems. Keep dreaming of that place where you can be the only important thing, the only thing, the best thing for yourselves. Keep dreaming because it’s not going to be here ever, which is unfortunate for you, I guess.
Please excuse my lack of sympathy, or don’t, sadly my life won’t feel any different either way. Especially in America.


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