“How Dare You Speak to Me?”

Have you ever been acting completely respectable, then someone has the nerve to disrespect you? Just thinking about it irritates me. I can’t quite recall anything happening to me that really stood out as disrespectable, but I hear these horror stories of people in uncomfortable situations, totally unwarranted contact, harassment, stalking , and being disbelieved (victim shaming). These stories strike a nerve with me. The one thing people will be okay with discrediting is the truth, especially if it isn’t pleasant or if it involves someone they like. There are examples all throughout the vast boys clubs of the world. The most recent being  Universities , the NFL, and Congress. I would like to talk about how irresponsible, unethical, unequal, and unaccountable this makes people look.

When someone says no, it means no. None of this ‘no means yes’ shit. If you believe ‘no means yes and yes means no’, please do the rest of us a service and jump off the bridge you are burning. It is truly unnerving to know someone I may talk to in the future will think “She said no, please leave me alone, I’m busy, but I think I just need to try harder.” NO, ABSOLUTLY NO!! Don’t do that to people. We may try to be nice about putting you down, but learn to take a hint and notice the obvious. If we are shifting uncomfortably, it’s because we are uncomfortable not because we are excited. Once you realize we mean ‘no, absolutely no’, just leave. Go about your business, I am not your business. There is no need for all of this “Well you were leading me on.” No, I wasn’t, I was very clear all seven hundred times I said ‘no, please leave me alone’.

Victim shaming is a retched act against humanity. A few cases have come up recently was protected and the victim was punished. A woman in South Carolina was defending herself against her abusive boyfriend and happened to stab him in a lethal place while he was attacking her. She was arrested for murder. Why was he defended? Why was she punished? She was defending herself. This sends a message that men are more valuable than women. Just like the rape victims at Universities. Why are the Universities not taking action to get the rapists out of the university? They know they are there. Women have the right to a safe education just as do men. Why are men being treated better than we are? Girls in schools are being told to change or wear more clothing because the boys cannot concentrate when they are starring intently at a girls body and objectifying her. What about the girls education? How are girls the culprit? Don’t go for what you think is the easy route, the girl is not the issue. Teach the boys that girls are equal to them. Not that girls need to dress this way or learn to act this way. I have large breasts, you have no right to touch them just because they are a prominent feature on my body. If you can see my translucent bra strap, quit staring so hard. If my body is distracting, move away from me. I am made the way I am. I’m sure it may be easy to pull the verse from the Bible that says women are to be subservient to men, but I say to you ‘The bible is just a book’, Written down by men, after years of the telephone game. I don’t trust it to dictate how I should be treated. It makes me wonder ‘what the hell?! Were all the men smoking guano back then?’ I don’t understand the arrogance, ignorance, and pride.

Honestly, I feel women have been given the short stick by a power hungry man with a pen and a big mouth, with his head shoved so far up his ass he can see his icy heart beating. Things are getting better though, not quite all the way great, but better than they were. Thankfully women have a voice now, we just have to get everyone to listen. Thankfully men have a voice, now we just have to get the rest of them to use them.


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