Dear supremacists, sexists and racists…

I’m so sorry no one wants you… okay, not really, but try to understand this, you left Europe for freedom, and now you’re taking it away from everyone else. You go to these already populated places and take them, change them, ruin them, then complain about it; complain about the natives. You drag people from their home, force them to live as if they are less than you, then grudgingly give them freedoms, and complain about their existence. You stomp around, taking, taking, taking, using, using, using and then complain about everyone else as if they’re the issue. White supremacist, racists, and sexists you are the issue. You have always been the issue. Stop being the issue. If any of you read this you’ll probably become a stubborn jackss and defend yourself to the grave with no actual arguments. There is true evil on this planet, and it is always around the corner, looks innocent and smells nice, or not nice and looks like it crawled out of the dumpster. It looks like someone you can trust, someone who took the oath to protect you, but broke it because of ulterior motives. It looks like someone your can’t trust, but that’s way too easy to assume.
This goes for people who think one gender is more superior than the other as well. No one is exempt from accountability, equality, and respect.


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