The Human Condition

All these years the human species has been on the planet, we have done nothing but quarrel, blame, accuse, degrade, discriminate, humiliate, deny, destroy, berate, control, and fight for power over all. This I see as an avoidable plight. We as Homo sapiens sapiens are here to inhabit the earth, not own it. We have been allowed to exist here and all we can think to do with our time is participate in unhealthy competition. Humans are constantly throwing their weight around to scare, who they think is weaker, into submission. This is only solidified as long as one force continues to have a false privilege. This will continue as long as the rest of the world remains silent in the face of the ones exercising false right. The ones expressing views that give them oppressing power, the corrupted of heart, soul and purpose. As humans we all have voices, we can all take a stand and procure the peace of power entitled to each and every one of us. No one person is entitled to all the power to govern the world. This is the job of every human. To treat all they come across with dignity, civility, respect, love and as an equal.


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