Gender Roles: why they are for the small of mind

The idea that only a girl wears female marketed clothing and only a boy can wears male marketed clothing, limits imagination, happiness, and expression. The idea that there are strictly girly things and strictly boyish things, is so restrictive. It is insulting when someone is forced to do or wear something because of their gender. Not only are gender roles descriminating, but they are detrimental to the progress of our species. They were put in place to relinquish power, and silence those viewed as weak. Not because “that’s just the way it is” , but because too much power over people is corrupting.
Once humans realize this we can get out of the ruts we have fallen into, we can feel good about ourselves and support eachother as equals. Once humans realize throwing their weight around to scare others only creates resentment, not respect, we will stand as whole beings sure in our individual abilities.


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