Domestic Violence: No One Is Exempt

Ok people, domestic violence, whether it be a man harming a woman verbally/physically, or a woman harming a man verbally/physically, and anybody harming children verbally or physically, you need to be responsible for your actions. It does not matter if you feel they had it coming, or you think they are weak, or they are just getting on your nerves. DO NOT put your hands on each other, DO NOT degrade another with your words to make them feel inadequate or inferior.
And to the NFL, you are not above or exempt from moral competence or legal law. I know you want to keep players on the field, but if they are bad people they need to be punished to the full extent of the law for what they had done. They should not be given a slap on the rust and allowed to play later. They should not be given a second chance. When they beat someone, especially their significant other, that is not an accident and is not to be taken lightly. These guys are big guys, they are strong, they are heavy, there is no way any of the women they are with could physically defend herself against one of them.
This is not to say women haven’t misused their lack of physical strength to get them in trouble for publicity. This is all too common to be taken lightly as well. But When there are marks left on the woman, you can visibly seen the torment she is going through in her face and the guy admits he did it, take immediate, and appropriate action. Waiting only makes the situation worse for the abuser and the abused.
When nothing is done immediately as the situation is confirmed, that shows lack of respect for human well being, complete contempt for human morals.
The excuse that they did not see something, when they needed no other confirmation to take action, to not take appropriate action immediately is an invalid response, it is corrupt, it is inhuman.
Domestic violence, no matter who it is happening to, is a crime against the community. An injustice to the human intelligence, and knocks us down as a species.
To all victims of domestic violence there is support:
To all the perpetrators of domestic violence, and again I feel the need to stress NO ONE IS EXEMPT from either of these completely avoidable positions, no one truly gets away, and no one can get a clean slate again. There is help for you too, however.
All athletes are role models and most of them take this role and do great inspirational acts with it. It seems though others do not care. What does that say about them as a person? Why did they aspire to be in a limelight, if they were going to throw it back in the league’s face? Does money really speak like that, or do we drown it out with what we want it to be saying?

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