All Inclusive

let us begin here, I guess. Equality for all is all-inclusive. Women are equal to men, blacks are equal to whites. the rich are equal to the poor. You are probably saying “what the hell, no they are not!!” I assure you they are, because they are all human beings. No one is above or below the other, despite any arguments you (the reader) may have. Such arguments as to make my view seem invalid are racist, sexist, and those that stem from a superiority complex. Let me continue by saying, in no way is someone less capable of achievement than another. A gender does not determine this, a race does not determine this, religion or non-religion does not determine this, ethnicity does not determine this. What does determine the capability of an individual is whether or not they are willing to try. If any person on this planet says otherwise and gives a reason that shows discrimination, sexism, racism, they have not realized they too are a human on the same planet. My heart is saddened when an individual denies another based on a way of thinking so prehistoric.


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