I looked around today

I could be angry, but will I be able to stop myself from acting brashly and turn my anger into productivity? The heavens know every one of us have a reason to be upset, but what are we doing to change it? 

I, myself, haven’t made time to people watch in a long time and I’m finally getting back into it. I never thought I couldn’t find an explanation for why I’m seeing what I’m seeing. Its getting harder. 

It does take time to think after you’ve stopped yourself from being foolish. Just know that existence works like clockwork and your time to change what you’re seeing will come. Just be vigilante.


A Little Bit

A little bit of positivity goes a long way.  Whether it’s finding the silver linings of situations, or simply remembering the life you live is for you. 

A little bit of self care goes a long way.  Whether it’s meditation, or enjoying a personal hobby for some quiet time.  Always make sure you have some semblance of order in your self.

A little bit of wisdom goes a long way.  Whether it’s knowing not to put tomatoes in a fruit salad, or knowing opinions are not facts.  Being wise in your choices for you help make living a little bit better. 

A little bit of self control goes a long way. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking, or trying to stay out of a frivolous argument. Knowing how to contain yourself has a more positive result than none at all. 

A little bit of compassion goes a long way. Whether it’s acknowledging a passing stranger with a smile and nod, or donating/volunteering for people who may need a little help to get back on their feet.

A little bit of trust goes a long way. Whether it’s going out of your way for someone you’ve just met, or putting up a free library/pantry.

A little bit. It makes up everything. We are one race on this planet. We all live, we all love, we all hurt, we all heal. As time goes on politics, religion, bias, and prejudice will realize how little bearing they have on our closeness. How insanely connected to one another’s soul’s we are. How harmonious weve been living this entire time. 

The divide and conquer “technique” only works on a few and those are the few we watch on the nightly news. Whose segments are on repeat until we feel out of harmony with those around us. Turn off the television and talk to people in real life. Not about what was on the screen but about one another. Talk about aspirations, interests, animals, children, food, nature, what each of you is grateful for. It takes time to form positive habits, but once they are formed the hard part is over. 

All in all be good to yourselves and one another. 



With the recent events in Charlottesville and various other cities in the United States, mainly the ones revolving around confederate statues. I feel it is important not to forget that those who are lumped into the group of white nationalist, supremacist, neo-Nazi, Nazi; are looking to preserve what they claim as their history, to keep it ‘alive’ and remembered. Now I do personally feel like a lot of statues, not just the confederate ones, should be in museums for their specific history lesson. They don’t need to be taken down and destroyed like the one in North Carolina was. That could have been handled differently. But the statues and monuments have had their time in the sun. let them live out the rest of their time in a permanent exhibit so the history is still there and they can be gawked at by whoever whenever the museum is open. I mean there aren’t statues honoring Adolf Hitler or King Leopold II of Belgium on the streets on this planet, so why are there here?

I’m all for preserving the knowledge of history, for learning from it, but not for being hated for not wanting to look at parts of it everyday. The history is always going to be there, in writing, in recording, in relics, personal stories. So the history of the confederacy isn’t going anywhere. The Confederacy is what a load of people from other countries think every United States citizen is a part of.  The Confederate history is not going anywhere. No part of history can be erased. I am completely unsure why that was even part of an argument for leaving the statues where they are.

Recap really quick. Build a Confederate Museum to put all of the statues in and complete the rest of the historical story so it doesn’t die. No one wants to eradicate any part of history, they just don’t want to look at it everyday and be reminded that skin tones are still considered races when HUMAN is THE RACE.

Moving on. I’ve been lucky in my existence so far to not know  if I’ve come in contact with a white nationalist/supremacist/neo-Nazi… whatever you want to call them, whatever they prefer to be called, I don’t care. Anyway, if I have, I wouldn’t have cared to know. We were civil to one another and went our separate ways. End of  story. But again I have no idea if that has ever happened. It really makes me think the news is made to blow everything way out of proportion… It is a television program based on ratings and not necessarily to inform us of whatever is really going on (in this day and age anyway), but to keep us running in circles while we get bent over backwards by career politicians. The United States has no business being in other peoples countries and doing what we are doing. We can barely take care of one another because we’ve been so divided by our leaders and this idea that opinions are facts, and politics can replace morals, honesty and ethics, and politics are necessary for a functioning society.

Winding down. I just wanted to say that thing about the confederate museum. Nothing has to be torn down, no one has to be silent in their beliefs. (If you’re going to make your beliefs known, please know that you can handle a difference in opinion. Seriously, opinions are not worth the conflict.) and I would like to tell all of The United States of America “Sitcho Ass down somewhere and think about all you’ve done! You should feel absolutely ashamed! Leave the rest of the world alone, you’ve done enough!”

And that is my time today.


I’m learning

I am learning how unwell humans actually are. How unwell we make the world around us. One could even call us a disease. I am learning about how things I was taught were normal are unnatural. Time, Money, Politics… and a slew of other things deemed normal in the society many of us live in, that are actually not normal.

Time- humans created time. Hours, minutes, seconds, days, months, years, centuries. No other creature on this planet uses this type of time. Entities with no physical body don’t even use this construct.

Money- money and its value. Everything we need to survive and live comfortable is offered by the earth for free. So why do we pay for it instead of trade for it. Everyone on this earth is able to create something, or do something that some one else needs done.  I myself like to learn how to make things people need, like clothing, soap, medicinal herbal remedies, growing food (gardening). My husband does too.

Politics- The wealthy elite controlling aspects of strangers lives they have no business having that deep of a hand in. Everyone is perfectly capable of making moral and ethical decisions for themselves if\when given the chance and all of the truth to them.

I also learned this tip bit today. http://www.africanamerica.org/topic/menstruation-is-not-normal

Only domesticated or captive(enslaved) mammals have periods.

There is much more food for thought. it all comes with patience.

The United States Circus

In a way this blog helps me unleash frustrations and opinions about certain things that come up in my daily life. Unfortunately I do not untangle the frustrations every night before I go to bed. I should, but I don’t. So they build up.

I know many things take time to come to fruition. Certain things take time to resolve themselves; to rectify situations. It leaves me wondering if there was a way to come to an agreeable solution in the beginning. Families are being divided over political stances, personal beliefs and hatred and misunderstanding of things out of their control. People are being disowned be one another, people are being denied their rights as human beings.

The United States is a circus and it is floundering. It just keeps getting worse. There is more division, hatred, people trying to make everyone around them one way. When the U.S. was supposed to be for everyone to be who they are without being criminalized, marginalized and murdered for who they are as a human being. School tried to teach us about a melting pot, but the pot has since spilled and shattered.

My own family is feeling the repercussions of this dangerous train of thought. This “Christian nation”, “anti-minority”, “anti-LGBTQIA+”, “Anti-choice”, “anti-any other religion/belief system” is dangerous. The greed of our tyrannical elite. We are systematically destroying ourselves and being systematically destroyed, But forbid us from hiding from our own insecurities and we might just eat our feelings in fast food as our healthcare is taken away.

I’m just trying to make sense of it all and how to start fixing it, with as little violence from any side as possible. So far, all I’ve come to is to send an S.O.S. to outer space and hope other life might hear it and take pity on us… It’s far fetched I know, But I’ve got to think in between the endless everyday chores.

I’ve taken some time off of my blogs for personal recuperation, and it’s going to be a little bit longer. We will be leaving for vacation on Thursday. I might just post some stuff while we are driving…

Thursday morning thoughts on Physical Growth

The summer after I turned eight, my family had just moved from Florida to Montana. I am half of African decent from my fathers side. I had my first period. Of course I had no idea what was happening, My mother would’ve never have thought I would have it that soon.  I thought I had maybe rubbed some skin raw, because I had felt chaffing before. Although before that, I had already developed breasts. I’m sure other kids in my grade thought I was held back… But I wasn’t. By this time I was already wearing bras and not the training bras. I had skipped those pretty much over night.  I was wearing supporting bras, without the wire as I didn’t need the wire yet.

This is part of my late night ramblings.

I got to thinking, why are African, Hispanic, Asian and “Middle Eastern” descendant people considered abnormal in the United States?  Why do we still call ourselves a melting pot. When a CHILD of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, or Hispanic descent are considered and adult based on their appearance rather than their mental age, I feel as though that is  a problem, That Can Be Addressed. No one is put out by being educated  for free. When a child is forced to mature mentally faster than other children based on their physical appearance, that causes problems in whatever society they live in. Every child should be able to experience a childhood, fully, disregarding their physical appearance. Without their physical maturity being an issue as to what they are doing at the time.

I’ve noticed, with my experience, that people who mature physically faster than others of the same age group. That there is so much unwanted, unwarranted attention. None of us are trying to get married when we are twelve, none of us are trying to get treated as adults before our teens (at least not to my knowledge).

All I know is that these norms of how a human should grow should be based off of their family history, not by societal norms. I could’ve gone without knowing I was the only one (along with my best friend at the time) wearing a bra at the time. I could’ve gone with out that. I may have been even been more secure in my humanism at the time.

Who knows, I may have started a diary before now. Or a journal, just to be gender neutral.

Our Circus, Our Mutated Monkeys

Today was a fairly good day. Relaxing, I got some knitting done. we all sat down and watched a movie that we had been wanting to see for a while. Then I got to thinking as I was getting ready to go to bed.
When greed of material things, like money and fossil fuel make one feel it is acceptable to murder others, there is a major problem. The ones who think this murder is okay, should be ‘let go’.

When negative feelings and actions are pushed onto others due to a religious doctrine that survives on personal translation, rather than the straight forward translation. There is a major problem.
When ones perception of others, all over the planet, are derived from one news sources words and nuances. That is a major problem.
When one is more concerned with the lives of complete strangers being the way the one wants them to be, instead of the complete strangers being happy and healthy; having enough. That is a major problem.

The only way to kill the beast within is to starve it.

There haven’t been many posts to this page lately. Finding the words to express myself is proving extremely difficult. Now more than ever. I’ve also got many projects going and a day job, as well as a little one. I don’t much check my email for this blog, although I should.

I will be back to talk to you all again once I get more thoughts put into words.